Rooms of Spectacular Opulence

Yes, you and I have been there – waiting forever for the crowd to disappear at Versailles so that you can actually take a decent picture for your own delight or of course, Instagram. But it could never happen, right? Despite it seems like a mission impossible, Cologne(Germany)-based photographer, Candida Höfer has since used her magic wand to make sure there isn’t a single distraction in her work. These intricately beautiful details will make your jaw drop.


a photographer of empty spaces

Candida Höfer (German, b. )

Known for: taking shots of uninhabited interiors of public buildings around Europe and the United States: libraries, universities, museums, palaces, theatres, opera houses.
Soul: psychology of social architecture
德国摄影师 Candida Höfer 追求的是技术性完美。她于1979年求学期间起就开始在公共场所内摄影,当中包含了办公室,银行和等待厅。现在她所摄的场地还包括了人山人海的博物馆,图书馆,国家档案管和歌剧院等。有趣的是在她的作品里所呈现的是全无踪影的华丽。

Images courtesy of Trendland