The Weekender #1 – Fake It To Make It



Oh Italian summer! Let’s just pretend we’re having one. Here we come, the land of Mozzarella! | First, make sure you find out the extraordinary ways to pose with the leaning tower of Pisa. | You and I have waited long enough…and Harper did it again! It’s time to Go Set A Watchman. | VanDerBeek’s unconventional use of everyday materials never fail to surprise. | Did you seriously just walk pass her without noticing? Adaline is absolutely stunning. And to stay low-key, it’s harder than you think. | “It’s like the Olympic of art.” What? What do you mean you can’t go to Venice?* Even if you don’t live in the region, it doesn’t mean you (and I) have to miss out on the enigmatic 120-year-old art event. We’re cooler than that. | If you’re kind of tired of all that la dolce vita stuff**, I’d like to invite you on a virtual tour to Dominican Republic. Hannah Cohen is mesmerising.*** Trust me, she’s not faking it. | Miranda July created this app with Miu Miu a while ago. And the result is amazing! For people who care, check out the Somebody stories here.


*We’re having an Italian summer, remember?

** But honestly? Never!

*** I WANT all her dresses, don’t you?


 The Age of Adaline

Fake It by Hannah Cohen

One of the most mesmerising souls.


56th Venice Biennale on

It’s like the Olympic for art.

Somebody app

If you haven’t, download here.